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I'll always remember  / Police Officer   Read >>
I'll always remember  / Police Officer
Ms. Hardy, I'll always remember when you came to speak to our academy class before we graduated. It personally touched me when you told our class about your daughter to the point I shed tears. At that point in time I vowed to always take my time and utmost care on paperwork and processing against DUI offenders. You gave everyone in our class a card with Janet's picture that briefly described her story. I keep that same card in plain view in my patrol car. The card is always a constant reminder that DUI is 100% a preventable crime. There has been multiple DUI offenders in my patrol car, the card is placed in a position to where they can see her picture and story. I will always honor Janet and all other innocent victims of DUI. Close
Thank you  / Rosalie (you presented at my school )  Read >>
Thank you  / Rosalie (you presented at my school )
You presented at my school, Delone Catholic Highschool. I wanted to thank you for speaking at school. I said thank you in person but I just want you to realize how much this means to me that you are strong enough to share her story. This brings so much reality and awareness to teenage drivers. This encourages me to share my story about bullying to school. But Thank you for sharing your story, it brings tears to my ears when I think about it. When you speak your emotion in your voice makes her story so real almost surreal that someone you love was taken so fast. This changed my life. And it impacted me to share my story in hope to impacted others too. Thank you so much. Please please keep doing what you are doing. This is an amazing story. Thank you Close
Life changing  / Jennifer Meckelvaney   Read >>
Life changing  / Jennifer Meckelvaney
First I want to give my blessings and condolences to you and your family. I was at the MADD panel last night listening to Janet's story with all my heart. Yesterday was my 5th month clean and yesterday I was kind of beating myself up for putting myself into a position that I can't have alcohol anymore and I was also nervous because I had hit a family and flipped their car under the influence. I remember I kept saying " but I wasn't drunk" but I realized last night that doesn't matter. I could have killed that family and I think about it every day. Last night literally made me accept my problem and continue with my sobriety and bring awareness to being under the influence while operating a vehicle. My little cousin just asked me to talk at SADD at her school. Thank you for the class and telling your story, it hit me hard and my love goes out to you and your family. May God be with you always. Close
4 years later, I'm still that one person  / Eric Mason (saved)  Read >>
4 years later, I'm still that one person  / Eric Mason (saved)
IT's been 4 years since I was pulled over for a DUI today. I attended a court ordered MADD session in Lutherville. It was a cold February night and the place was over packed. They said it was the biggest turnout ever. It must have been over 300 people that night. The level of ignorance from people attending blew my mind. Seemed like nobody cared to listen and with being surrounding by all adults could have fooled me. I thought I was in a middle cafeteria to be honest. I carefully listened to your story that night. I remember you saying if you reached out to at least one person, you would be honoring your daughter's death at best. I just wanted to let you know I still carry the business card I got in my wallet as a reminder to this day. It brings tears to my eyes when I just re-read it because now my daughter is now 13 and I couldn't imagine if I lost her this year. I never again got behind the wheel after drinking any amount of alcohol, no matter how much or, little since. I strongly believe you daughter is saving lives to this day!! THANK YOU!!!! Close
Thank you, 11-05-2015  / Emily K. (none)  Read >>
Thank you, 11-05-2015  / Emily K. (none)
Dear Ms. Hardy, My name is Emily K and I am a student in the Criminal Justice class that you spoke to last night. I got your email from the Janet Hardy Memorial website, so hopefully this is the correct email address to reach you by. I just wanted to tell you how strong and brave you are to stand up in front of a crowd of people and share the story of your daughter Janet. I can only imagine how hard it must be to do that, and i greatly appreciate you sharing your battles with me and my classmates. I have the card of with Janet's picture on it hanging on my white board in my room and will look at it everyday to remember to always make the right decision in everything that I do. It is beyond obvious that you are a great mother and an amazing person for all that you do to keep her memory alive. God Bless you and your family. You are in my prayers now and always Thanks again,Emily K Close
Thank you  / Deb (Janet's Mommy )  Read >>
Thank you  / Deb (Janet's Mommy )
I just want to thank each of you who have taken the time to share your thoughts and how Janet's Story has impacted your life. Your words fill my eyes with tears, but not tears of sadness but tears of hope! Janet continues to touch lives and her love continues to reach out to those who need to feel what real love is. Thank you for proving to me that there is hope that one day there will be no more drunk drivers! Close
So Sorry For Your Loss  / Kayla Wiseman (None)  Read >>
So Sorry For Your Loss  / Kayla Wiseman (None)
Ms. Hardy, I don't even know where to begin. I heard your story on Friday November 20th after being court ordered as part of my probation to attend a Victim Impact Panel. It was nothing near what I thought it would be. And I cried the entire time you spoke. I cannot tell you how much you touched me. I used to have some drinks and drive after the bar closed. The night of April 13, 2014, I was not in your shoes, but the other person's shoes. Someone lost their life as a result of my drinking and his own. I listened to your story and it sent goosebumps up and down my back because all I could think about was how his mom felt when our incident happened. I did not meet her until June 17, 2015. Although I am not in your shoes, I have the utmost respect for you and your family. I have beaten myself up over everything because unlike other people, I am very remorseful for what happened. I cannot imagine how it feels to be missing Janet. I am sure that she is in Heaven playing soccer with her friends. I feel sorry for you all and hope that she lives on through all of you. I have shared yours and her story with everyone I have came in contact with since last Friday since meeting you. Kayla Close
My sympathies  / Nicholas D. (None)  Read >>
My sympathies  / Nicholas D. (None)
I'll admit firstly that I heard Janet's story at a MADD meeting (10-16-15)I was sent to due to a DUI I committed. I was born in 1985 and would have been in Janet's peer group if only she hadn't been taken so early. Realizing I could have been college friends or coworkers with her is heartbreaking because she really seemed like a light in such a dark world. I can make all sorts of excuses for why I drove drunk but in the end none of them matter. I am truly thankful Anne Arundel County Police pulled me over almost immediately after leaving the bar. I can rationalize a million different reasons I drove drunk but ultimately it was my choice to throw a pity party over a relationship break-up and get completely drunk on a Wednesday night. AA Co PD did their job and possibly saved a life that night and I commend them for that as well as the respect they showed me, much more than I deserved for behaving in such a dangerous manner. I fully admit I had driven drunk before but never to the extent I did that night - still, no excuse. I was truly a danger to anyone on the road. To think that I could have taken the life of someone else's Janet shakes me to the core and I am so thankful I was stopped before that could happen. The financial burden and social stigma is a small price to pay to prevent the death of an innocent person and one that is fully justified. Ms. Hardy, I have the utmost respect for you taking time to educate people on the true cost of a "fun night out" by keeping your daughter's memory alive. I am proud to say I have stopped drinking completely, gotten on anti-depressants to address the true reason I would drink, and am the self-appointed designated driver for anyone I know who needs it. The minute I left the meeting, I placed Janet's memorial card in my wallet as a reminder to myself and anyone I know considering getting into a car after drinking. I am so deeply sorry the pain one person's negligence cause a community of people to experience but I hope your angel's story will make people think twice before making a decision they can never take back. <3 Close
Thank you, 7-14-15  / Jim A. (none)  Read >>
Thank you, 7-14-15  / Jim A. (none)
Ms. Hardy, I was very touched by your presentation at the Wicomico Civic Center last night. You certainly had a wonderful child in Janet Marie. Her Sister seems like a wonderful person also. I am 54 years and find myself in this situation now. I thank God that I did not collide with anyone else when I made the mistake of driving after drinking July 4th night. I struck a tree instead. My fault. I must deal with the consequences. Your story particularly hit home for me. My brother, who was 45 years old at the time, took his own life. He did this on October 26th, 2004. One year to the day after your loss of your daughter. I have never gotten over that loss. He was a heavy drinker. This also led to other drugs. Opiates in particular. I know how you never get over the loss. I live with it every day. I always feel that there must have been something I could have done to prevent it. I feel guilt that I am 54 and he died at 45. Please know that my thoughts are with you. Bless you for spreading the word and making a difference in others lives. Sincerely, Jim A. Close
A utube clip done by the Maryland State Police  / Mommy   Read >>
A utube clip done by the Maryland State Police  / Mommy Close
Thank You For Sharing Janet's Life  / Melaika Campbell   Read >>
Thank You For Sharing Janet's Life  / Melaika Campbell
Thank you so much to Janet's Mom for sharing her precious life with me at the MADD Panel this month. Janet seems a lot like someone I would be friends and she would be around my age if she was still here. Keep sharing her story. I have never been so touched by someone I've never met before. She knew she would live on just as she wrote in her diary. Continue to share her story. She's making a difference even now in heaven. Thank you so much again. Melaika Close
Thank you, 6-21-14  / Diane W. (none)  Read >>
Thank you, 6-21-14  / Diane W. (none)
I just wanted to tell you how touched I was by your talk tonight about your beautiful daughter Janet. She looked like she loved life to the fullest and loved her family and friends. She's a lucky little girl to have such a loving, devoted mother who will never let her be forgotten. Thank you so much for sharing and for all you do to keep drunk drivers off the roads. Thanks, Diane Close
Thank you, 6-20-14  / Vaughn K. (none)  Read >>
Thank you, 6-20-14  / Vaughn K. (none)
Debbie, I do not know you but I am so sorry for your loss. I admire the work you do and the cause for which you are committed. May God Bless You and your family. Vaughn Close
God Bless You  / Claudia A. (none)  Read >>
God Bless You  / Claudia A. (none)
I was at the meeting last Saturday. I am so sorry about your daughter. I am totally against drinking and driving. I have notice it has made you a very strong women, May god bless your heart and family. Close
Missing you  / Mommy   Read >>
Missing you  / Mommy
Missing you. Its the hardest thing I have to do. To survive everyday without your smile, your touch, your laughter. To say I miss you brings tears to my eyes. To take a moment from my busy life and let my thoughts consume me, I risk losing my sanity. Unless one has lost a child, they just can't understand the depth of my sorrow. I miss you! And so the tears are starting. I'll miss you today. I'll miss you tomorrow. I'll miss you forever until once again we are together. Love, Your Mommy!! Close
Thank you  / Ed Vaughn -Young Marines (none)  Read >>
Thank you  / Ed Vaughn -Young Marines (none)
I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to come out and speak to the Young Marines last night. Your talk was very impactful. I spoke to one of our adult volunteers and she said she was very moved by your story. As I sat here at my desk today I read the card you gave out last night and I could never say that I know how you must feel, I can only imagine the hurt and pain of your loss. Please keep this scripture in mind as you continue in your travels to educate others of the dangers of drunk driving. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 New Living Translation (NLT) God Offers Comfort to All 3 All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort. 4 He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us. Be Blessed, Ed Vaughn Close
Soccer season 2013 has begun!!  / Mommy   Read >>
Soccer season 2013 has begun!!  / Mommy

Its here, another season of soccer, and as I prepare for the annual pizza party and decorating of your willow tree at school, I sit here wondering what I will say to the young players.  Every year we have decorated the willow tree that was planted in your memory.  It was planted behind the goal of the soccer field and has grown strong for the past nine years.  Planted on Oct. 26, 2004, exactly one year after the crash that stole you from us.  Since that day, I have volunteered as the Soccer Mom for the Perryville Girls Soccer Team and I have loved every game and every practice that I've been privileged to attend.  Today, I will gather not only the girl players but the boys are going to join us too and I will share with the meaning of TEAM, SPORTSMANSHIP and RESPONSIBILITY. 

Being a team means support each other, through wins and losses.  It means being a friend to each other.  It means working as ONE to reach a common goal.  Sportsmanship is the result of being a good team.  Respect for each other, coaches and refs.  It is setting a standard that exceeds the expectation of others.  Responsibility is how you reach that standard.  Taking responsibility for your own actions and thoughts. 

But I also want to share with them about why I do so much for the soccer team.  How the impact of one bad decision changed an entire community.  How you loved soccer so much.  That its not just a game, its a way of life.  And in the worst moments of my life, during the deepest sorrow, there was a soccer team that wrapped me in their comfort and love and refused to let me go down. 

I know tonight will go well.  I know that when I walk away from your tree tonight, it will be filled with yellow and blue ribbons.  As visiting teams come to Perryville High, they will see your willow tree and it will stand as a testament to every player, coach and parent that no matter what happens in life or on the field...we can and will overcome!

From VIP in Lutherville, 7-19-13  / Steve J. (A New Friend )  Read >>
From VIP in Lutherville, 7-19-13  / Steve J. (A New Friend )
I was in the victim's meeting tonight. I was the guy in the third row with the lump in his throat and tear in his eye. Your presentation has affected me deeply. It was so powerful and moving. The card you gave me with Janet's photo will forever stay in my car with me. She will be my guardian angel from now on, reminding me to always make the "good choice" when I'm behind the wheel. And she will always live in my heart, as will you, for being so selfless and helping this jaded, hardened man see the err in his ways. You have inspired me to be a better father to my own kids, and a more responsible man in general, and through your words and Janet's beautiful spirit you have also helped me realize the precious fragility of life and the power of love.

Thank you Debbie and thank you sweetheart Janet...and God Bless you both!" Close
From 4-18-2013  / Justin F. (none)  Read >>
From 4-18-2013  / Justin F. (none)
I am one of Mr. Craig's students. You presented to my class yesterday night (April 18th), and at the time I didn't know what to say due to several reasons. I know sorry for your loss isn't good enough, and I am positive that there isn't anything that could be said that will ever fill that gap. I wish there was, because then I would be saying that all the time at the funeral home that I work at. Usually, especially at work, I am not an emotional person, but when you presented Janet's story, it made me tear up, and afterwards I called my parents and brother just to tell them that I love them. Finally, I think the last thing that made me incapable of saying anything to you after hearing her story is that my uncle, who I don't talk to anymore, once was arrested for drinking and driving, and if it wasn't for the tree in their front yard. He would have killed a little girl in her room. Finally, if there is anything I could do, please let me know, because I would definitely love to try to help in spreading her story. 

Have a nice night,  Justin
 "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." 
- NIV, Romans 12:21 Close
I dreamt of you  / Mommy   Read >>
I dreamt of you  / Mommy
I dreamt about you last night.  It was so hard to wake up this morning and to motivate myself to face another day without you.  In the dream you were at school and I was at work.  You had been injured at school and I was trying to get to you.  I remember the anxiety of not being able to get to you quick enough.  Your face kept flashing before me, angelic and young.  I had the feeling of worry and stress, not happy that you were hurt and I was not there to protect you.  I woke up before I got to you.  I wanted to sleep more, to allow my dream to take me to you, to hold you and touch you and protect you.  But this day has stolen that from me.  I have to face another day in pain without you.  I don't want to.  I don't want to face a single day without you but this is the life I am condemned to.  I miss you Poohbear!  I miss you every single day and I love you with all the pieces of my broken heart! Close
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