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Born in Baltimore, Maryland at GBMC.  The second daughter of Richard and Debbie Hardy and baby sister to Jessica Diane Hardy.  
"God never promised me I'd have her all of my life, but she had me all of hers!" 
You came home from the hospital today to your home on Redfeild Road in Belair, MD.

The first time you slept in your crib, the same crib your sister had slept in as a baby.


Christened in Belair, MD.  Mommy made your satin and lace outfit for this special event.  The ceremony took place at St. Matthew Lutheran Church at 10:30 am.  Tim and Brenda Wright stood as your God parents.

Happy First Birthday.  Your favorite gift was an Ernie doll and a pink car that you could ride in. 
We move to our new home in Cecil County.  Janet and Jessica share a bedroom with pink hearts and pink walls.  This would be the last home you ever lived in.
Janet's 3rd Christmas.  This is the year you and Jessica got a motorized Barbie car and a Little Tykes house.  I can still imagine you playing in the house and fighting over who got to drive the car.
Janet turns four with a BIG party at Chuck E. Cheese.  You were the star of the day!
01 thur 03, 1994
Janet takes Gymnastics at Havre de Grace Middle School.  Janet had fun flipping and rolling, but not enough to want to sign up for a second time.
Janet goes to Kindergarten. Ms. Jennifer Wiley was her teacher.  Janet graduated on June 8, 1995 with perfect attendance and earning the Citizenship Award.
Janet learns to tie her shoes!  She writes a note to her Mom that says, "Dear Mom, I know how to tie my shos.  Dad teeched me. He gave me a dollar.  He said you don't tie your shos next time you'll have t give me my dollar back. Love Janet !!"
Janet celebrates the graduation of her Mommy from college. 
Janet and Katelynne Connely spend a day at the Baltimore Zoo.  Janet loved the Zoo!
Janet is a finalist in the Geography Bee at Conowingo Elementry School.  It takes alot of brains to do that.
A trip to New York and the Statue of Liberty.  This is the first time Janet ever saw Lady Liberty and we climbed the stairs to the top of her crown.
Janet turns 10!  A special day for a special girl.  Janet celebrates her Birthday in her favorite way, with friends and Poohbear presents.
Janet participates in the Geography Bee as a 5th grader.  She was in the top five.
Janet graduates from the 5th Grade and Conowingo Elementry School.  Her closest friend is Krystal Rajkowski.  What a proud day it was. Shw was selected to give a speech to her class, encouraging them to look to the future.  She will begin Perryville Middle School next year.
Janet is honored as Student of the Month at Perryville Middle.
A class trip on the Pride of Baltimore.  Janet traveled with her class to tour the tall ship.
Janet gets her room remodeled.  Mommy went all out with Winnie the Pooh.  Its almost better than the 100 Acre Woods.
Janet celebrates her 13th Birthday.  Surrounded by friends and family she opens presents, eats pizza and blow out the candles from her ice cream cake. Chelsea, Jen, Katherine, Michelle, Mary and Sarah were all there.  Little did we know, this would be the last party with you there!
Janet presents a speech to the Perryville Middle School student body at the Annual National Jr. Honor Society induction ceremony.  Janet spoke about being a good student in school and maintaining excellent grades.  Janet was inducted last year.
The snow day.  Chelsea came down and we built snow-reindeer in the front yard.  So many smiles to remember and pictures to cherish.  Never again will snow bring so much joy!
8th Grade Formal.  Janet wore her hair down and dressed in a light pink dress and pink shoes.  Many of her classmates had never seen her in a dress, let alone with her hair down.
Janet graduates from Perryville Middle School.  One of her teachers, Mr. Merlette acknowlegdes her as an Awesome Academic Dudette.
Pool Party at Michelle McClanes house!  Janet thought she was being sly when she "borrowed" her sisters new tankini. 
Went to Hershey Park, PA.  Just Janet, Jessica and mom.
First day of High School as a Freshman at Perryville High.
09-12 to 09-14-2003
Beach Crop weekend at Rehoboth Beach, DE.
10-04 to 10-05-2003
Beach Jam weekend at Wildwood, NJ with Girl Scout troop #512.
Janet played her last soccer game and finished the season undefeated as a JV Perryville Panther.
Picked apples at the Gizzi orchard with Samantha.
Janet had an orthodontist appointment and was told she would get her braces off next visit.  She was killed two days later.
Went shopping at the outlets for the perfect outfit to wear to the Halloween party.  Went to Nicole's to watch scary movies and then to Michelle's party. Left early to sleep over at Samantha's in preparation for a day at the Baltimore's Farmers Market.
Killed by a drunk driver at the age of 13 while on her way to the Baltimore Farmers market with her friend Samantha and Samantha's grandparents, Leo and Daphine Gizzi.  Daphine Gizzi was also killed in the early morning crash that also claimed the life of the drunk driver.  Janet would have celebrated her 14th birthday the following Sunday.  The crash was the worst crash noted in Harford County.
Went to funeral home to choose her coffin and vault.  Took her soccer uniform in for her to wear. 
Went to West Nottingham cemetary and choose her final resting place.  Afterwards, I went to the High School to send the soccer team off to a play-offs game.  I then was driven to John's Hopkins Childrens Hospital to visit Samantha and to tell her that Janet was killed.  She already knew because she was there with her when she died.

Janet's veiweing was held today at Hicks Home for Funerals.  From before 4 pm and until after 9:30 pm, family and friends created a constant line past Janet's coffin.  Everyone kept saying that she didn't look like herself.  Her smile was gone...gone forever.

Funeral at Hicks Home for Funerals and burial at West Nottingham Cemetary.  Janet has a full police escort to her grave and bagpipes played graveside.  Her friends and family signed her coffin, a final farewell to an Angel that God allowed to walk among us.
Today Janet's family and friends celebrated her 14th birthday without her.  She had given out the invitations on Oct. 24th, never knowing that she wouldn't be here to celebrate with us.  The party was held as planned by Janet at her home with pizza and ice cream cake.
Janet's 14th Birthday and her first Birthday in Heaven.  It has only been seven days since she was murdered by a drunk driver.
A cross is placed at the crash site where Janet was killed.  The hand-crafted white cross was designed and made by Tim Bennett, a neighbor.  Friends read poems and her sister and friends sang quietly.
The 1st Annual Janet Marie Hardy Memorial Soccer Games were played at Francis Silver Park.  The Maryland State Police and the Perryville Soccer Girls competed in a benefit game to raise donation for the Janet Marie Hardy Memorial Scholarship Fund.
One year since the crash that killed Janet.  A weeping willow tree is planted at Perryville High School in memory of Janet.  The willow tree is placed behind the soccer goal as friends watch.  Daffodils are then planted around the tree.  Later, they gather at her grave where her tombstone has recently been placed and light candles.
The 2nd Annual Janet Marie Hardy Memorial Soccer Games are played at Francis Silver Park.  The Maryland State Police compete in a re-match against the Perryville Soccer Stars and the Darlington and Level Volunteer Fire Company's also join in, and have their own challenge against the Soccer Stars.  The Darlington and Level Fire Company's are the men and women who responded to the crash that took Janet's life.
Two years without her.  Two years since the crash.  Two years of too many tears.
Today is her Sweet 16th Birthday.  What is so sweet about lying in a grave?  Mommy took 16 candles to the grave, placed them in the mud, lit them and watched them burn into the ground.
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