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Lynn Schaffer lit a candle on 08/20/2012: "Thinking about you today Janet...continue to shine on us."
Mike Judd lit a candle on 08/17/2012: "I think what u r doing is great and it opened my eyes to not drink and drive.... sorry for ur pain"
Mommy lit a candle on 08/13/2012: "Sharing your life today and changing lives forever!"
Mommy lit a candle on 08/11/2012: "Miss you with every tear!!"
Natalie Natalie lit a candle on 08/09/2012: "S.I.P Angel.."
Mommy lit a candle on 06/07/2012: "Loving you every second of every day!!"
Tina Smith lit a candle on 06/04/2012: "Janet, Not a day goes by since I heard your mom share your story that I don't think of you."
Diana Naanaa lit a candle on 05/29/2012: "I was in your class this weekend with my 17 year old son. Words could never express my sorrow for your loss."
Stephanie Riddle lit a candle on 05/17/2012: "I was in the class you spoke with today. You did an amazing job. I loved it. I couldn't stop crying. You are so amazing."
Mommy lit a candle on 05/12/2012: "Thank you for blessing my life with your love. Being your Mommy was the best 13 years of my life!! I love you so much <3"
Beth Gerrish lit a candle on 05/11/2012: "Beth Gerrish lit a candle for angel Janet and her family on 5/11/2012: May God bless you all wherever you are."
Melody McCarron lit a candle on 05/06/2012: "Been thinking of you both latley and wanted to lit a candle for you both....Hoping you have a wonderful day as possible"
Kelly Gilbert lit a candle on 04/17/2012: "Just thinking how you touched our lives as Anthony gets ready to play in your memorial soccer games. Ever missing you."
Mommy lit a candle on 04/13/2012: "I love you!"
Diane, Mom Of Angels Michele &. JJ Wade lit a candle on 03/27/2012: "Thinking of you, your Mom, and your sister. I know they miss you very much, watch over them."
Jennifer Gilbertson lit a candle on 03/24/2012: "Lighting a candle for you today, Janet, and am thankful that I got to know you through your Mommy. God bless you all!"
Mommy lit a candle on 02/08/2012: "I love you baby! No greater words have I heard than to hear you say those words back to me!!!"
Belinda Washington lit a candle on 01/29/2012: "You were there for me when my Son Jarreett was killed 2.5 years ago. I FEEL YOUR PAIN, GOD BLESS YOU!"
Mommy lit a candle on 01/11/2012: "2999 days that I have lived without you. I thot this was supposed to get easier, guess the shrinks were wrong."
Melody, Mom Of Angel Adam Hill lit a candle on 12/25/2011: "MERRY CHRISTMAS JANET! Wrap your beautiful Angel wings around your Mom & sister with love. They miss you! XOXO"
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