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This memorial website was created in the loving memory of Janet Marie Hardy, who was born on November 02, 1989, in Baltimore, Maryland.  She was killed on October 26, 2003 by a drunk driver at the age of 13, just one week before her 14th birthday. 
There are no words to explain the depth of our loss.  Our lives have been changed forever.  In place of joy and laughter, there is sorrow and tears.  She filled our lives with an irreplaceable joy.  She will NEVER be forgotten.

The Janet Hardy Memorial Soccer Games are a tribute to Janet and a way for us to reach out to the community with education and awareness about drunk driving.  The 14th Annual G
ames will be  held on April 8, 2017, at the Cecil Arena, in Northeast, MD.  Click on "Her Legacy" to see the game schedule for 2017 and all the Scholarship winners.  For more information, contact Ms. Hardy at or 443-466-4990.

Donate to the Janet Hardy Memorial Scholarship Fund. P.O. Box 302, Conowingo, MD, 21918 .

Maryland State Employee's may also designate the Janet Hardy Memorial Scholarship Fund as your charity. Your four digit designation code is 1092. 



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Family Tree
Tributes and Condolences
Thank you   / Rosalie (you presented at my school )
You presented at my school, Delone Catholic Highschool. I wanted to thank you for speaking at school. I said thank you in person but I just want you to realize how much this means to me that you are strong enough to share her story. This brings so mu...  Continue >>
Life changing   / Jennifer Meckelvaney
First I want to give my blessings and condolences to you and your family. I was at the MADD panel last night listening to Janet's story with all my heart. Yesterday was my 5th month clean and yesterday I was kind of beating myself up for putting myse...  Continue >>
4 years later, I'm still that one person   / Eric Mason (saved)
IT's been 4 years since I was pulled over for a DUI today. I attended a court ordered MADD session in Lutherville. It was a cold February night and the place was over packed. They said it was the biggest turnout ever. It must have been over 300 peopl...  Continue >>
Thank you, 11-05-2015   / Emily K. (none)
Dear Ms. Hardy, My name is Emily K and I am a student in the Criminal Justice class that you spoke to last night. I got your email from the Janet Hardy Memorial website, so hopefully this is the correct email address to reach you by. I just wanted...  Continue >>
Thank you   / Deb (Janet's Mommy )
I just want to thank each of you who have taken the time to share your thoughts and how Janet's Story has impacted your life. Your words fill my eyes with tears, but not tears of sadness but tears of hope! Janet continues to touch lives and her lo...  Continue >>
Talking to an Angel - written 11-29-05  / Elizabeth Diehl (friend)    Read >>
So Sorry For Your Loss  / Kayla Wiseman (None)    Read >>
My sympathies  / Nicholas D. (None)    Read >>
Thank you, 7-14-15  / Jim A. (none)    Read >>
A utube clip done by the Maryland State Police  / Mommy     Read >>
Thank You For Sharing Janet's Life  / Melaika Campbell     Read >>
Thank you, 6-21-14  / Diane W. (none)    Read >>
Thank you, 6-20-14  / Vaughn K. (none)    Read >>
God Bless You  / Claudia A. (none)    Read >>
Missing you  / Mommy     Read >>
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Her legacy
Janet Hardy Memorial Games 2017 Schedule  
To be posted Feb 2017
Janet Hardy Memorial Games 2016 Game Schedule  
9:00 Cecil Fire and Rescue vs Team United (Cecil Teens) 10:00 Maryland State Police-JFK vs Perryville High 11:00 Cecil Fire & Rescue vs Janes UMC Youth (Cecil Teens) 12:00 Harford County Sheriff Office vs Havre de Grace High 1:00 Maryland State Police-Bel Air vs HFC United (Harford) 2:00 Harford County Sheriff Office vs John Carroll High 3:00 Maryland State Police-CVED vs Elkton High School 4:00 Maryland State Police-North East vs Perryville 5:00 Maryland State Police-Northeast vs MSP-CVED 6:00 Maryland State Police Cadets vs MSP Troopers
2015 Scholarship Recipients  
The six recipients for the 2015 Janet Hardy Memorial Scholarship fund were... Beth Johnson, $1000 North Harford High School. Sarah Dickerson, $1000 North Harford High School. Jessica Littlepage, $1000 Patterson Mill High School. Courtney Spangler, $1000 Rising Sun High School. Lane Schmidt, $1000 North East High School. James Ream, $1000 North East High School.
2014 Scholarship Winners  
The five recipients for the 2014 Janet Hardy Memorial Scholarships are Benjamin Boegner of North Harford High, Brittany Jackson of C. Milton Wright High, Laurel Roberts of Elkton High, Natalie Gay of Perryville High and Elizabeth Walton of Fallston High
11th Annual Janet Hardy Memorial Soccer Games  
11th Annual Janet Hardy Memorial Soccer Games April 12, 2014 Cecil Arena 2706 North East Road Northeast MD 9:00 Cecil Fire and Rescue vs. Perryville JV 10:00 U13 Exhibition Game 11:00 Cecil Fire and Rescue vs. Cecil United 12:00 Maryland State Police-JFK vs. Perryville Varsity I 1:00 Maryland State Police-Bel Air vs. N. Harford High 2:00 Harford Co. Sheriffs vs. Belair High 3:00 Maryland State Police-CVED vs. Elkton High 4:00 Maryland State Police-North East vs. Perryville II 5:00 MSP-North East vs. MSP-CVED Consessions (hotdogs candy chips water soda) and raffle baskets will be available throughout the day, along with silent auctions. All donations received benefit the Janet Hardy Memorial Scholarship Fund. Scholarhship applications are due April 6, 2013 and may be obtained by contacting your guidance counselor or Ms. Hardy. For more information about the Games, the Scholarship or to have Ms. Hardy speak at your school, church, or other group contact Ms. Hardy at or 443.466.4990. 2014 Scholarship Recipients will be announced after they have been awarded.
Janet's Photo Album
9.27.03 My favorite picture of Janet. One month before the crash.
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